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Installed directly under the turf to deliver additional shock absorbency, especially in areas with play equipment, to ensure children’s safety. Made of recycled materials and available in 3/4“, 1 1/8” and 2 1/8” cushions to meet or exceed fall-height or ADA requirements.

Light Density Foam: 4-7 lbs per cubic foot is very popular as cushion and drainage layer underneath playground surfacing including synthetic turf.

Medium Density Foam: 8-10 lbs per cubic foot is used for a variety of drainage and cushioning applications including as a partial replacement for crushed stone in synthetic lawn turf applications.

High Density Foam: 11-13 lbs per cubic foot is used as a drainage and impact layer for synthetic turf sports field applications. It is also very popular as a drainage and crushed aggregate replacement in agricultural uses.