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Why TurFresh Is Best For Your Turf?

  • Superior formulation with focus on complete odor eradication
  • A special, eco-friendly technology that binds to odors immediately
  • Attacks many different types of odor causing bacteria
  • Works extremely fast
  • Removes odor from the core, instead of just masking it
  • Biodegradable
  • Kid and pet safe

TurFresh artificial turf cleaning and care product Development Company is dedicated to exploring ways Enzymes and Natural earth minerals can benefit people and our environment. With our easy to use Bio-Siphon sprayer, this combination is our most popular with customers that order from us all the time. This is enough TurFresh product to treat over 8000 square feet of odor filled artificial grass.

TurFresh with BioS+ turf cleaning enzyme technology is the synthetic turf industry leader in odor treatment and odor prevention caused by pet urine and feces.  The combo package comes with a very easy to use Bio-Siphon sprayer that you simply connect to your hose and it does the work for you.  TurFresh cleaning system is used for outside turf applications and it smells amazing.  If you wish to use this product indoors please use a hudson sprayer applying with a fine mist.  Do not saturate indoor turf unless their is proper drainage.  No other turf cleaning products delivers the great smell along with the intense level of enzyme concentration to aggressively remove the nasty smell of urine. TurFresh formulated and manufacture our own product.

  • Guaranteed to get rid of the toughest pet odors on any surface!
  • TurFresh is a high quality commercial grade odor eliminator and guaranteed to keep your Turf Fresh. The product is originally formulated for use in industrial applications such as septic tanks, pet kennels, environmental protection, feed industries and pet waste removal companies.
  • Imagine what is can do your you and your family.  Super safe and non toxic – TurFresh is a all natural enzymatic turf odor eliminator, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • TurFresh quart (32oz) is a concentrate – A little goes a long way. Use TurFresh 32oz bottle for a GUARANTEED superior artificial turf fresh cleaning.  Cannot compare to other products that are basically surface cleaning enzymes that are watered down with some fancy odor. BETTER PRICE FOR A BETTER PRODUCT. ARTIFICIAL TURF PET ODOR ELIMINATOR PLUS MORE.
  • Not only can it be used on artificial grass but you can use it on concrete, carpet, tile, formica, granite, outdoor walls around bushes and anywhere where pet odor in an issue. Other uses include cat litter boxes , eliminates the ammonia and methane odors associated with these, kennel surfaces , pet waste removal containers an so much more. 100% Percent Money Back Guarantee.