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  • Superseam 283C Adhesives are manufactured in the U.S.A with no pigments. Pigmented adhesives can be a concern for staining surfaces that are other than its use.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Excellent Freeze Thaw Strength and longevity
  • Superseam 283C Adhesive can be applied using a 1/8 inch trowel to ensure an even application.
  • User friendly and workable cure times.
  • Great adhesion and superior strength in heavy traffic areas.
  • Superseam 283C Adhesive can be used in Synthetic Turf Glue Box applications.
  • Bonds to Wood, Concrete, Clean Asphalt Paving, Fiberglass Seam Tape

Superseam 283C Adhesive is a single component Urethane adhesive. It is the professional’s choice of synthetic turf glue adhesive. Its adhesion strength is above the competitions. Superseam 283C Adhesive has excellent shear and elongation properties, along with its ability to withstand harshest weather conditions with great longevity. Superseam 283C Adhesive can be used indoors or outdoors with proper ventilation. Superseam 283C Adhesive has many uses in the synthetic turf and carpet industry including “Glue Down” on exterior surfaces as in concrete, pavers or clean asphalt.