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Benefits of Silica Sand

  • Supports significant on-field heat reduction.
  • Round/sub-round particle shape allows the sands to “move” when in contact with the athlete, reducing abrasion tendencies & injuries.
  • 20-40 round/sub-round sands work in conjunction with the artificial turf – supporting the turf blades against tears and cuts.
  • Non-agglomerated (ie particles are “individual” not meshed together).
  • Resists compaction and fracturing, leading to improved drainage characteristics.
  • Crush resistant – the impact of player’s cleats won’t “explode” the sand granules.
  • Recyclable for multiple life-cycles (Mohs hardness 7 rating will stand the test of time).
  • Superior resistance to moisture absorption, due to particle hardness & roundness.
  • Clean: Turbidity <100 (sands are washed 1-3 times, eliminating contaminants). Achieves AWB100 standard for impurities (American Water Works).
  • Proprietary 20-40 mesh size distribution: allows for fewer fines in the product, thereby significantly reducing dust.
  • Consistent quality control & per-job reporting.
  • A truly natural synthetic turf infill, from Mother Nature.

We are a supplier of top-quality silica sand infill. Our sands are specially designed and blended to promote superior athletic achievement on artificial/synthetic turf applications. As a full truck-load silica sand producer, distributor & broker – buying and supplying infill sand materials worldwide, we have formed strategic alliances with many quality silica sand producers.